Reply To: Reintegration, not registration, key to safer communities

James Townsend

Wow talk about a truth and fiction version of Soylent Green. With this warped since of culture class people that are running the country and these outlandish laws that seem to go above the scope of justice, can we all say Justice is Blind. Yes I am for truth and justice but it takes We the people to let others know ” we are tired as hell, and not gonna take it anymore”
Why do you think people have protests. They are just looking for justice. Yes the sex offender is a big deal but that seems to be the #1 on the totem pole as compaired to Soylent Green. Can our mixed up nation say they are bettter than the other person or do all lives matter?
I know we all talk about the sex offender but justice is still justice and who is the bigger problem, authorities that have their common sense or the ones that turns a blind eye to their crystal ball demeanor about mankind. One should either reintegrate and not annihilate the sex offender as we all have rights.