Reply To: Reintegration, not registration, key to safer communities


Yea, there are a lot of reasons for offending, not least of which it is a part of our humanity. But there is no reasoning to justify registering human beings. We are not the property of any state or of the united states.

Besides, it should have been a part of supervised release, since it has been established to monitor people after their release from prison. If supervised release is insufficient, then what is its purpose?

I know the laws of this nation, backwards and forwards, and registering humans is the ultimate form of slavery. These laws are illegal in every way, and yet, they stand. Its not about fear either, or recidivism, its good old hatred, vengeance, and abuse of power.

Its unimaginable, that a state can force its citizens to live under bridges, be homeless, lose their citizenship or be forced into prison. We think people are educated, but they are as ignorant as ever, even our current scrotus is worst than the one that passed the dred scot decision, legalizing slavery. You cant be a ctizen when you have to tell someone everything your doing or go to prison, can you?

If you have to be on a registry, then supervised release should be eliminated, they are the same thing.