Reply To: Reintegration, not registration, key to safer communities

Fair & Balanced

I think SO laws were passed/designed to do just what they are doing: banish, disenfranchise, stigatize/Scarlett Letter, prevent or break-up a family and successful reintergration of those registrered. And done under the guise of “Public Safety”. I asked over and over again to no avail this question: Do not murderers, robbers, burglars, car thieves, home invaders & drug dealers pose a threat to the community? I think so. And these class of criminals have way higher recidivist rate then people who have committed sex offenses. I did 20 straight years in prison and personally knew/saw many, many guys come and go many many times—talk about a revolving door. I also saw people with murder cases make parole quicker than me. And the public knows this too so why the hell this schizoid paranoia behind people who has committed sex offenses? Why isn’t there a murderer’s registry, a robber’s registry, a burglar’s registry etc., because again, do not these people represent a “Clear and Present Danger” to the community too? I would love to ask state and federal legislators this question just to see the look on their face and watch their forky tongue at work.