Reply To: Why I’m proud to be part of National RSOL


Thanks RSOL for all the work you do and for providing a community for those of us dealing with these issues. After my arrest in an online “bait and switch” sting several years ago i felt like i fell into a rabbit hole. Until one is directly caught up in a sex crime the average person really doesn’t have a clue how absurd, cruel and counter-productive our countries sex crimes are.

So many of us convicted of sex crimes are just too ashamed to stand up for our basic human rights. Plus, it’s scary to rock the boat. Especially on probation. Me, it’s easier because there was no victim. The vast majority of those with an actual victim feel such terrible remorse that they are just too beaten to stand up. At least that’s my impression from the dozens of men (no woman, zero, why?) i met while attending mandatory sex offender treatment SOT).

I appreciate the constant updates on the RSOL website and for giving us the chance to post our thoughts and stories. It’s a hard topic that nobody wants to deal with. I couldn’t even get the guys in my SOT to join RSOL. Most just are trying to forget. Disappointing. We cannot afford to stick our heads in the sand and hope things get better.

Thanks for everything RSOL!