Reply To: Absurd laws turn sexting teens into child pornographers


This is just for an academic exercise. I do not condone any sexual offense.

Harm caused by sex offense is aggravated by social shame. In some cases social shame is the only harm. The perpetrator is not responsible for social shame. It is our culture, our religion our moral compass that creates social shame. The laws need to consider this aspect. Unlike other crimes like murder or robbery that directly causes harm to the victim, in a non-violent sex offense, harm is aggravated by the society. Often in teen sex exploration, there is no harm caused and yet one of the participant is punished.

I wonder if there are any research to analyze sexual experience of animal at young age and how that impacts their adult life.

It is possible that proper treatment can perfectly heal a sex offense victim. Instead of stigmatizing the victim and paralyzing the offender, we need to focus on education, research and healing.