Reply To: Absurd laws turn sexting teens into child pornographers

Emil S

It’s not just probation.
In my case, it was time served according to the judge in the court after I was locked up for about two years.My case was a low level felony and I agreed to time served to the DA’s plea deal, I understood that I had to be registered. That’s what I was explained to by my lawyer. But then I found out after the fact that they had added five more years of Supervision on top of my already time served sentence. I contacted many avenues including numerous lawyers in North Carolina, also human rights organizations. But they were all of no use.
Being in the Supervision is really difficult as the supervising officer or probation officer looks for anything to violate me. Rather than helping to reintegrating into the society, they wants me to re-offend and go back to incarceration. They don’t help you find a job, but then they complain that I am not employed and paying them their $40 monthly fee. They come to my residence (which was difficult find) any time and they have turned my room upside down twice even though they didn’t find anything in the first place. It is a bully and those who feel it understands it. They want to instill fear in us to the point that we look up to them even being able to breathe outside of the confines of jail/prison.
I know this is injustice but who will listen to me? This country along with the Constitution is dead for me.