Reply To: Absurd laws turn sexting teens into child pornographers


Fred, you said…

“When I hear things like this I actually feel fear.”

And that’s exactly what they want us to feel. This is why, no matter what anyone else has to say about probation in a way that ALWAYS sounds like theyre defending it’s purpose… IT SERVES NO ACTUAL PURPOSE other than to try to ruin our lives once we’ve already been punished with actual INCARCERATION.
No one can ever give us back the years we missed while we were locked up. Then they want to lump probation on top of that to fulfill their own weird psychotic criminal justice agenda!!???

Listen. I’m going to say it again and again and again until someone, with a little more professionalism and better vocabulary gets the gall to say it for us all –

There are so many examples to be thrown in the faces of ANYONE who says probation is given because it’s NEEDED in order to slither back into society. BULLSH*T! Probation is OFFERED in order to make you THINK (aka IMAGINE) that you’ll have your freedom after “x” amount of time in prison rather than doing the entire time that can be handed down.

I’m not at liberty to do this but, someone who knows how to get it started should petition the states to eliminate probation (or find some other use for it) by bringing a lot… I mean A LOT of ex-convicts who have completed probation to a hearing where they can each tell their stories about how probation (not any state or local ordinance) forced them to be HOMELESS which is counter-productive. How probation FORCES/SCARES you into trying to find a job only to tell you that no matter what hours you work when you do find a job and no matter how new of an employee you are, you must still take time OFF from that brand new job each week to go to the probation office. And this can/will/has eventually lead to the loss of the job.

With enough people to go into those open to the public state hearings, like what you might see on your local access TV stations, we can at least get the pot stirred.
No one wants HOMELESS sex offenders roaming their neighborhoods, right? Living under bridges where they might be able to SNATCH any little girl that happens to walk home via that bridge…..right?

Enough is enough with this probation crap.

Oh…and btw…please do not confuse my gripe against PROBATION to mean that I would also fight the PAROLE board. Parole is something you EARN DURING INCARCERATION.
I’ve had way too many responses in the past on my posts here and on other sites in the comments section where people say “Parole and probation…” no, no, no…. I only speak of PROBATION. You don’t EARN to be given probation, it’s a PLEA they use to trap you.