Reply To: Absurd laws turn sexting teens into child pornographers


James, never mind others. Think of YOURSELF and what YOU really want to accomplish here.
Firstly, I’m sure you know by now my opinion of probation. It’s rubbish! It’s based on lies and fear mongering.
Where you went wrong was by telling the truth. Do NOT ever tell those baffoons any more than they need to know (and personally I don’t feel they need to know jack sh*t).
Worried about “lying” because of your religious beliefs? STOP IT! Lie a little. It’s truly the ONLY way you’re going to live a some-what normal life while on probation. Going behind their backs is what you have to do.
Think of it this way – When you’re off probation, you can use all the internet you want. And don’t anyone come at me with that “It’s part of your sentence” crap. I don’t care. It’s a POINTLESS part of our sentences because if the system feels we cannot be trusted then don’t let us out. None of us. Sex offender or car-jacker or gas station robber.
Probation is just another job for those who couldn’t pass the postal exam.

James….before you go beating yourself up with your religious beliefs on the subject of lying to people, stop for a moment and think about how these agents of law enforcement will care less about lying TO YOU! Saying and asking things of you just to try and make you feel comfy in their office as they sneakingly try to pry you for information about how many times a day you use the bathroom.

They are liars and set ups. Do the same right back to them. The less they know, the better off YOU are.

Go into that court room and FIGHT! If whoever is representing you doesn’t say something, YOU better.

“Excuse me but, can you prove that I used FaceBook to try to entice minors to be sexual with me?”
“What heinous crime did I commit by simply wanting to enjoy the same modern technology that everyone else gets to enjoy?”
“If you’re so worried about sex offenses happening via social media, then by all means END social media. Because it’s not REGISTERED sex offenders hooking up with your kids on there. It’s people with NO PRIOR CRIMINAL RECORD. Oh, you’ll probably deny that though.”

STAND UP for yourself. And too bad if the court doesn’t want to hear what you have to say – SAY IT!!! It gets recorded by the court stenographer. I would (and kinda actually did) say these types of things just to make the bastards THINK even for a split second about how ridiculous they are making the issue.