Reply To: Absurd laws turn sexting teens into child pornographers

James Townsend

Today I visited with my probation officer. I had a polygraph test on Monday. I was asked questions about buying beer and if I had ever been on Facebook. I told the examiner I was. When he heard that he told me to wait in the waiting room and he wanted to confer with my PO about this. So he comes out and informs me that I don’t have to take the test but that my PO would contact me. I went there today to talk and explain why I was on there, that they could check my computer but no beans. So I have violated my probation and have to go to court sometime after Halloween.

While I told the truth about being on Facebook and they could look at my computer I violated his being honest, so now its up to a court as its out of the PO’s hand. Any advice guys? My whole adventure was a deception to start with but they want to ad more to it and Facebook should of known about me to start with.

All I know is that I tried to reason with my PO but he was stone faced as always and would rather glean or groom me when I visit his office and more of less listens than gives advice. So I don’t know which way to turn. I want to make a stand but I also want to make a stand for others… Now the good book always says think of others better than yourself.