Reply To: Sex offender activists increasingly turn to federal courts for relief


Yeah, don’t even tease. We have a habit of making things worse, not better through actions such as staging protests. We have to be smart. We simply have to be fighting our cases in court. Unfortunately protesting, occupy movements and picketing are no longer effective actions. It’s been done too much, too easily ignored and the minute anyone in your group does one thing wrong it gets shut down. Not one significant policy change has been enacted in the last 20 years due to a protest, picket or occupy movement. We won’t get there by “pushing against,” rather we will get there by taking actions which have the ability to actually solve the problem. FIGHT YOUR CASE, NO ONE IS GOING TO FIGHT IT FOR YOU! The Florida Supreme Court should have so many requests for Sex Offender cases that they would be forced to stop ignoring the issue and would have no choice but to take at least one case a month! RSOL and your state groups work tirelessly on the “big picture” and are desperately trying to get laws changed, educate the public and be as much help as possible, but this process will be many years. Consult an attorney and take your case to court. Here are some examples of those who have won: