Reply To: Sex offender activists increasingly turn to federal courts for relief

James Townsend

They say two wrongs don’t make a right but its people that do. RSOL is doing good things no doubt and lobbyists are also doing what they can also. Even Mary Devoy that I correspond here in Virginia where I live is helping in her direction.

Peter Aiken in Florida and his blog are in the fight and Peter tells me he will not give up the fight as I’m sure RSOL won’t give up the fight. We all could call it a sexual warfare, a spiritual warfare, or a controlling warfare or a cold stone warfare.

The sex offender is grouped up into one big ball of wax. Even the laws have Federal guide lines and their are also state guide lines.

I was never interested in politics until I got myself wrapped up into all this. It wasn’t my intent to start with but it is what it is until someone comes to reason that all lives matter even those of the sex offender registry. They have the right to liberty and justice for all and to live in a normal fashion.

One could look at it this way. They are taking the abuse and using it on the abuser to keep one from life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.