Reply To: Registries cost millions; Provide no additional safety


I looked at underage pictures, therefore I am on the registry, even though there is not a shred of evidence to be found that I have ever molested a child, or ever will. I was tested thoroughly at a highly accredited place, and found to have a 4% chance of recidivism, and this is just for looking at pictures again, which I never will. No matter. I am on 20 years probation, even though I have never been in trouble with the law in any manner, and got indicted when I was 55. I am also court ordered to attend therapy every week at my expense, and there is no “finish line” to this. You go until they say you are healed, whatever that means. If you tell them you have no interest, you are labeled as being in denial, and you have it even worse. I am not unsympathetic to problems, but to be put through all of this for a one time mistake seems very harsh to me. Even those in therapy with me that actually molested someone have been in there for years. I asked the therapist, is no one allowed to make a mistake? I could see if someone re-offends. That is a sign of a problem, but a one time deal and you are forever a sex offender? Insanity. It’s bad enough being an ex-felon without having this hanging over my head. It makes finding a job nearly impossible. Even if I pass a companies standards, my PO has to give me permission to do the job, and they are beyond strict, as are the therapist. I had one tell me if I were eating dinner out and a family sat down next to me that I was to immediately get up and leave. I seriously asked if she had lost her mind, and was kicked out of therapy. I have never in my life seen anything like this.