Reply To: Registries cost millions; Provide no additional safety

James Townsend

You know it seems we are all involved in this sex thing one way or another. Even this election has brought out the best and worst. Whether Government makes money off of some sexy magazines or other means its all the same when you look at it.
You people have given me very good thoughts on all this. So can we all say we were catch up in a catch 22 scandal or governments way of penalizing one in all these sex offenses?
Now Government and law enforcements want to control the sex moral, where is constitutional morals? People have gotten on me on here about the Bible but that’s the foundation and principals of all moral man. You take that out of government what do you have.
I don’t really want to talk about the Government but look at how the election is going. All I am saying is that deception of any kind is the root to evil.
Whether you were caught up on a computer, whether you touched someone in appropriately or whether you whether using the wrong bathroom.
Can’t we all judge with our conscious what’s right and what’s wrong. Is buying that latest swimsuit issue or that smut magazine right or wrong… where’s the money trail in that.
Should we judge our neighbor because he or she holds the label of “sex offender” or some other label such as being a drunk or drunk driving? If biblical principals are tossed away then there is no principals (i.e. Ten Commandments) or no root to base anything on, just the law of man’s wisdom.