Reply To: Registries cost millions; Provide no additional safety

James Townsend

This is one of the best articles I have seen on here and it promotes promise. Patty Wettterling has come to realize that the registry’s cause confusion and yes the registry needs to be scaled back. I love the label and hate phrase that in in this article as that makes a lot of since.
Yes nobody likes a sex offender but than again nobody likes a sinner. In other words one can look at it this way. Government wants to control sin thru this gave of hide and peek in a lot of these ordeals. They want to control the individual caught up in this for life and limiting their liberty and over shadowing their Justice.
And yes their is money involved in all of this sex registry stuff.
They can secese ones car or computer and give ones hefty fines. Multiply all that and you will see a cash crop of government that doesn’t want to admit that they are protecting one.
In other words the sex offender has become a slave to this system where they tell you where to live what to do what to not touch and it just binds the person and engulfs one in all this life. One has no livelihood. And its more of a conquer and divide situation when sin flares up its ugly nose.