Reply To: Registries cost millions; Provide no additional safety

Fair & Balanced

Yes, this true: registries do cost millions but provide no additional safety; however, I believe law makers know this but don’t give a damn. And the general public, having gone schizoid with fear of and loathing for RSOs, is willing to burn millions annually just to feel as though they are safe. In addition, this same general public will, at any election, roast over the coals any legislator who even THINKS about taking the shackles off RSOs. Take this into consideration: Sex Offenses are EMOTIONAL in nature. Facts, statistics, logic & reasoning, empirical evidence put forth by some of the most prominent and respected researchers, clinicians, psychologist and experts in this field on this issue means absolutely nothing to proponents of SO laws. Anybody ever asked why? Also, ask yourself why proponents are silent on another peripheral dynamic equally important and that is the effects the registry has on the family of RSOs. What exactly are they saying with their silence?