Reply To: “Egregious and outrageous” declares RSOL’s Vanderwall of new state fair ban

James Townsend

You know one can compare all this North Carolina delimna toThe Civil War Battle or an infringment on human rights or just compare all this law to mans callious efforts to protect by instigating a law that overrides human law making it a sovereign law to ban the least of sex offenders to the worst. All of this all boils down to is government going a bit overboard in a lot of this ordeal.

A drunk person could be banned from a State Fair if thats the case if he runs amuck on the fair ground in some fictitous senerio. Human law and criminal law are two different aspects and it seems criminal law takes more of a priority than conscience law and we all have a conscience.

Actually when one studies about all this, that NC law brings up a whole set of worms in the sex offender delimna. Families with children of a sex offender can’t be around their kids be around others for fear that that person’s conscience might flare up which makes little sense when one looks at this in an unjust prospective. Focks we have people getting caught up on the internet daily in some fictitous man made encounter of a deceptive nature.

Rom made a good point when he said this goes deeper. While authorities want to be the knight in shinning armor in this sexcapade to hold back others a double punishment isn’t the way. I would say forgiveness is a bit more humanistic. You know Jiminy Cricket said let your conscience be your guide well it seems like authorities want to be one’s guide.