Reply To: “Egregious and outrageous” declares RSOL’s Vanderwall of new state fair ban


You have to look at it from a deeper perspective, that the government exacted these policies slowly under the guise and ultra-dictation of advocacy conglomerates and groups gathered from law enforcement or judicial entities. There is certainly a monetary gist and wide-reaching windfall behind all of this. As competent panels and jurist continue to increase laws to aggregate restrictions on these class of people, they are left with no recourse to fight or substantiate a significant retaliation to defend such afforded tights. Now you have judges and particular magistrates who’s hands are tragically tied by politicized posturing and those who go in obviously to tilt the scales of justice in favoring of a affluent group or peers. Essentially this leaves the prosecuting party to retain more power than the judge or defendant, reducing the judicial constraint further to nothing more than a referee.
Citizens are enticed and egged on by medias scrupulous mentioning of ones alleged indiscretions before it even reaches a trial or jury, sadly and shamefully so furor comes before he facts guilt comes before even gathering a verdict.
It takes a village to raise the young but it takes a revolution to exact change, the only way to regain our rights is when the very same violations against constitutional protections are compromised of the majority of citizens.
We live in dangerous times and the silencing of citizens comes in many forms not just the sexually offending but in way you don’t realize what is being stolen from you, your friends and family.