Reply To: “Egregious and outrageous” declares RSOL’s Vanderwall of new state fair ban


It’s funny because they can NEVER KNOW US, because we’re all different in many ways but the same in one. The government has painted us all red, I’m not red I choose to be blue. Just because they say I’m red and labeled me red don’t mean I’m red. They say all RCS cant change but to tell me that is like saying Humanity can’t change and we all know its been scientifically proven humans can change they can adapt. we all make mistakes from the time we’re born we live we learn we get taught right from wrong we implement It in our lives and we continue to push forward in a positive direction. These laws are the only thing stopping us from being successful members in our community and Society.The only reason I’m not a happy father or husband is because of these laws that put these restrictions in place. We all are push down, away and forgotten. Not one person is the same but the laws don’t account for it. Me and my family yes family wife,kids brothers, sister and all my nieces and nephews deal with this everyday and for what?? Make children safe? What about my kids and others kids and familys