Reply To: “Egregious and outrageous” declares RSOL’s Vanderwall of new state fair ban

James Townsend

Now if an article like this doesn’t give one food for thought I don’t know any that will open people’s mind. Can we say the south’s gonna rise again. Believe it or not, if you want to look at it this way the sex offender is in a type of Modern Day Civil war. One good thing about the civil war it was a positive effect to abolished slavery.

Now we are all in this delimna. Yes a deception or a lying of some sorts brings out a different colored flag of human behavior. You can even see that in this election. Remember we are all the little sex offenders that society detests. While the North Carolina chaper brings out a more light and challange to all this, it also opens one’s eyes on here also. Are those that are classified ‘sex offender” obsolute. Now we fight. One can fight with the good book or one’s own wisdom thats the choice
Remember when some of us were caught up in all this maddness. It was your choice. When one’s choice is compromised and the other party is forcing their will upon you than where does the conscience come in of one party of the other. On the one hand one is suppose to be protecting and serving, on the other hand one is inducing one. In other words there is a battle of two evils Shoot I even hate to be short changed at the grocery store. Or have a lot of us over paid this demoralizing human slavery in one way or another.

Now I’m sure that makes pretty good sense in a lot of these ordeals.