Reply To: N.C. RSOL affiliate to challenge premises statute, state fair ban

Douglas Kirby

Senator Buck Newton must be very uneducated. He probably has never even been to any of the Rehabilitation Programs that legislation has put in place that they supposedly support. They call them rehabilitation programs for a reason. They have a purpose. He and his counterparts also didn’t do their homework and find out that the recidivism rate for first time offenders to reoffend is between 3% and 6%, lower than most any other crimes across the nation, however they make Sex Offenders out to be the worst of all of them. Sex Offenders are the Cancer of all crimes, no matter how minor the sex offense the person is cast into the mold as a Predator. The system is not fair, they themselves are not educated and don’t even understand it because they choose not to understand it. They just make laws thinking they are protecting, just to satisfy and pacify society.