Reply To: N.C. RSOL affiliate to challenge premises statute, state fair ban


“It’s a place where there’s a lot of children, a lot of children running around, without direct parental supervision, who may be at risk if predators are around,” said Sen. Buck Newton…

I guess Sen. Buck Newton is among the typical American population that thinks RSO’s were born on the registry and can’t use his own common sense to realize that the RSO’s he’s so proudly keeping away from the fair had a time in their lives when they had NOT committed a criminal act. I guess he, like so many other brainwashed Americans, figures the people coming into the fair with no sexual criminal record WON’T be potential threats. Nah. Couldn’t be that. Nor would a teenager possibly try to ‘get it on’ with a young girl in some secluded spot behind a truck or trailer which is where all kids/teens try to go in fairs/carnivals to ‘get it on’. I did it when I was in high school. Lots of us did.
BUT….we weren’t on any registry so I guess our actions don’t count lol. What a sad country this is becoming.

And one more thing….. I’m not letting this one slip away….

-But Vanderwall said it’s unfair to violate the civil rights of registered sex offenders who have served their criminal sentences and fulfilled all of their probation or post-release supervision obligations-

Here we go again, leaning down to kiss the a** of the probation department. An unnecessary entity that doesn’t allow anyone to prove anything about being able to live life crime free. Nope! Just throw their commands around and intimidate the probationers.
Stop sticking up for probation. I don’t care if it’s “part of your sentence”, it’s unnecessary and just part of the money making machine. You’re put on probation to PROVE yourself (at least that’s what the original intent of probation was) so why wouldn’t a probation officer allow a SO to attend a fair? I think it’s less likely that the person on probation will do something stupid than if he/she waited until AFTER their probation.
No one actually uses common sense anymore. It’s becoming more and more uncommon.