Reply To: N.C. RSOL affiliate to challenge premises statute, state fair ban

James Townsend

Wow it seems that the only way for justice in America is by lawsuits. Thats getting low when one has to take someone to court because politicians as a whole and not the American people don’t even know what goes on behind closed doors. If Government used some Ten Commandment values in America we wouldn’t see any of a lot of this sex offender registry.

Sure they can catch one with their pants down, entice one on internet endeavors, listen to that person say that my little girl told me that someone gropped me or touched me and their mother tells police and that becomes a police involvment. So were does it all end.
I believe in punishment, but a lifetime punishment for a sin debt that one has to pay is a bit overboard. I think there is one person that paid our sin debt for us on the cross. Is government today overshaddowing things because of their bias efforts to enslave those that have paid their punishments in prison or probation or are they punishing for a lifetime because of one mistake or error of judgement.
Who judges another man’s person and inflicts this sort of judgment or should we have Satan abound in all matters of this nature.

I think the NCRSOL is doing the right thing by steping up to the plate on this issue. Is America We the People or We the Government. I’m sure the common people don’t even know about the sufferings of those on the sex offender registry and they would enjoy the more spiciy things in life as this country is more of a filthy rag nation than a true law and justice nation. We need true justice more than devilish political justice not some five and dime justice to make America Great Again.