Reply To: N.C. RSOL affiliate to challenge premises statute, state fair ban


Good to see these unconstitutional laws being challenged. For far too long these politicians have been making new laws unopposed and hence they have the audacity to make any kind of laws to “protect” children undermining the Supreme law of the land.

The whole of sex offender registry is unconstitutional. I hope the registry laws and related laws are abolished soon so people can be restored back with their families and into the society and be a good member. People make mistakes and most learn from their mistake, but when it comes to these sex offenses, the very first offense becomes life long sentence like slavery from which it is almost impossible to be restored back into the society.

Studies have shown that isolation is detrimental to ANY recovery, but when it comes to people who have been labeled as sex offenders, they have made laws that isolate these people from their families and the rest of the society, including social events like State Fair, and even participating in their own children’s school programs, and then they have the audacity to cite very old study data to justify their notion that the recidivism rate among sex offenders is very high, whereas in new studies after studies have proven that the recidivism rate for sex offenders is low compared to other offenses. But then the truth does not gain any vote while fear tactics and lies have worked like wonders for decades to keep them in office even to the point of driving their fellow citizens to be forced to live under a bridge not because they cannot afford a house, an apartment, or a motel, but because these upstanding members of a society want to sleep sound at night because a predator is caught and is not among them, and meanwhile soon after in the same society, they hear of a new news where another member of the society, a teacher or a senator perhaps, is caught with even more serious crime. These same people express their surprise and anger, and repeat their same feel good story that they tell to themselves, “we can all sleep sound tonight knowing that a predator is locked up behind bar.” One day, not too longer afterwards, the one saying this feel good line to oneself is seen in a news program, but instead of being interviewed about a neighbor being caught with a naked pic of an underage girl or something else, that same person is the subject of the news and is caught with something similar, and the person cannot believe that he is such a fool. Then the paradigm shift occurs in the person’s mindset as he cannot avoid his new reality. Whereas he was seeking blood for these “pedophiles” before, he is now seeking mercy from the society, but mercy he will not find from the society that seeks blood to these perverts that need to locked up and the key thrown away.