Reply To: N.C. RSOL affiliate to challenge premises statute, state fair ban

James Townsend

You know they say timing is everything and I think its time for this registry to end or be cut down and reestablished in a different way. Now I have never met this Robin from the North Carolina Chapter, but she is an advocate and God Bless all those advocates that fight for those caught up in all this madness.

While a lot of us are being deceived its plain and simple that we are seem blind at times and are more intimidated in these laws than if these laws actually prevent a crime from happening. Take for example could we of prevented the world trade disaster? Could authorities prevented the kidnapping of the Lindburg baby?

Do we have to sue to get laws changed or do we have to speak up? Deception is Deception and preventing those of a group from participating in a State Fair just because the Government classifies them as the low of the lowest is a sin in itself. People, we all need to stand up. I don’t care if it’s your individual encounter or one is fighting for a group as this registry is only going to get worst. Now I don’t know if any of you all on here hold a biblical. I can’t force you on that but we still have one authority and that person is for Justice.