Reply To: UPDATE: SCOTUS grants cert; will hear NC Facebook case

James Townsend

Ok here’s moment of truth and the last comment I will post on here for a good while. There is a reason for all seasons. None of us on here want to be classified a sex offender. Is that as lowest one can get today? You know I can’t force anything on you but it seems the government can. Biblical views are example of man’s ups and downs. Take a good look at the constitution today as it is more man centered than the one that created us all. That in itself should have meaning. Where are the Ten commandmants in anything of law and order.

Take a look at your election for President. This was bound to happen. One force over the other when the Creator already know’s the outcome. All of us have gone astray ok. Sure I am thankful that RSOL and all those involved in this registry want to stand and fight for justice. While I have my battle coming up soon it seems Robin is battling for a group that government seems are thelowest of the low and cannot be trusted in certain types of livelyhood. If adults can’t be responsible driving a car than how can they be responsible to conduct their daily lives or should they be watched in everything they do, read, or say.

Man has always wanted to control man since the dawn of time. Even the Roman Soilders wanted to control man with their vain philosophy’s. If you take the ten commandments out of government and law than what do you have. I’d say a day of confusion. Look at this hungry power election today, doesn’t that tell us something.