Reply To: UPDATE: SCOTUS grants cert; will hear NC Facebook case

James Townsend

I have never met or talked to this Robin Vanderwall guy but actually he has something there all he needs to do is a bit more study on it and let your conscious be your guide. Now I have did some articles on the constitution and about these sex sting operations and how they effect all of us.

Now I’m going to have a challenge myself but speaking the truth is the truth and a lot of these registry things are so out of context that actually they are your masters for life. Did any on the registry kill anybody? Now that in itself could be an entirely different scenario.

Robin should check out this site and actually James Madison said we should all live by the ten commandments but I don’t think that’s in the USA anymore. I guess the commandments don’t hold any water to police anymore or law and order.

Shoot with all this confusion I might even be full of a hill of beans I don’t know.