Reply To: Rozek: Sex offender registries abject policy failure; protect nobody

John W

I don’t know if “links” are allowed, but I submit this as an example. On Oct. 27, 2016, St. Louis, Mo., NBC news affiliate reports of an elected state Representative, a County Sheriff Detective, and a Captain, speaking on SO laws to be made harsher, up to and including the death penalty.

Every statistic, every comparison, every claim that this Legislature and two Agents of Law Enforcement make are utterly absurd and ridiculous. This is nothing more than pure sensationalism from the media and it’s obviously a grandstand technique for a politician and the county sheriff.
I’m starting to believe that one day, it will be illegal to be a “registered” sex offender. After all, they keep coming up with new ways to add or enhance the punishment that already exists. Maybe the “registered” sex offender will become the “New Mass Incarceration”. Won’t need a trial. The act of “registration” is all the proof that is needed. (kind of like living under a Khmer Rouge -I’m just thinking out loud.)