Reply To: Rozek: Sex offender registries abject policy failure; protect nobody


I will tell you what is going on. It is a money game.

Our lawmakers don’t operate on facts, they operate on emotions; fear being one of the strongest. Then they repeat the lie again and again until it becomes the truth.

The sad fact is most people are lazy when it comes to research and data. They rely on others to tell them what to believe, so when our lawmakers play on their fears, it makes it easy to sell them an unconstitutional package because someone told them it is true and neccessary. We also live in a society where too many people are ignorant to what our constitutional rights are.

Now why do they go through the trouble to sell these laws? First and foremost, to secure their own jobs as lawmakers. Being tough on crime is always a winning position and sex offenders are thought of as the lowest of the low. So they keep pumping that position to secure votes. They wouldn’t want to lose a re-election by not passing yet another oppressive sex offender law.

Second, the prison and probation system is an privatized industry that requires a constant supply of fresh inmates to keep the money flowing. Everytime someone is arrested someone else makes money. So passing laws that are very difficult to comply with is just another tool used to feed the prison industry. There are many other equally repulsive tools applied to other groups of people. Lobbiest for the the prison industry influence the lawmakers positions.

Third, federal funds are granted to states that agree to adopt stricter sex offender laws.

Forth, legal fees and fines imposed on people means money for the courts and the county. It is the same concept of a police officer setting of a speed trap. It is not about safety, it is about writing tickets to make money. They are actually given quotas to meet. Many counties require jail inmates to pay rent as well, that is billed after release.

Finally, many states require registrants to pay an annually fee for the luxury of being on the registry.

And lets not forget all the for profit companies coming up to monitor and track registrants.

The facts do not matter. This is not about keeping anyone safe. They don’t care about the kids. It is about making money by exploiting people and they will continue doing it for as long as they can.

Our best hope is with non elected judges. As you can see, our biggest successes have come through federal courts with appointed rather than elected judges. I feel mostly confident that things will go in our favor when we go that route. I have zero faith in our elected officials. They are pure opportunists.

I typed this on a mobile device. It is a hassle to proof read on this screen. I apologize in advance for any typos.