Reply To: Sex Offender Laws are Un-American


Hi every one I’m new on here but I would like to share my storie back in 2012 I had started helping out my new neighbor kids there dad was a Poor drug addict so I hired the 14 yr old neighbor gierl to watch my three kids so my wife and I could go out or even just to go grocery shoping and we came home to finde my 18 yr old brother in law at the house after I told him not to be there with her when we wasn’t home so I yeld at him telling him that if she got mad at him all she had to say is he did something to her and his life would be over little did I know that she was paying atintion a few months latter she used are phone to make a long distance call to her 21yr old boyfriend and she tried to get me to drive her to Indiana so she could see him she had just met him online when she told me how old he was I told her that I would not take her to see him and she couldn’t use my phone to talk to him any more and I told her I was going to tell her dad about it she stated crying so I gave her a hug befor she went to bed on my couch her and her little brother would stay at my house most of the time do to the fact that there house was unfit to live in and they had no food the next week the girls dad took her and her brother up north hunting for 4 weeks while they where gone I was fighting for custody of my older to boys and it was a hard battle when the get home the girls dad starts shooting his high power rifle at me saying he is going to kill me and and rape my wife and kids this whole time my wife was on the phone with 911 they heard every thing from the threats to the gun shots officers come out to my house to see what was going on and then told my wife and I we needed to leave are house for are safety my neighbor then barricaded his self in his house and the cops told me they was unable to talk to him and that we shouldn’t come home for a few days so they could talk to him 3 days latter I get a call from the local sharif and asked to come in to speak to them after the 2nd day him and his daughter call the cops on me saying I raped her and they was trying really hard to get me to admit to with the detective threatening me with charging my wife and with questioning my minor children and trying to tell me that if I was inisent I would take a polygraph then they moved on to question my wife and tried to tell her that not taking the polygraph ment I was guilty and went on threatening her for not telling them what they wanted to here needless to say they let us go because of the lack of evidence so then they take the girl to the dr and gusse what she’s a virgin so the prosecutor throws it out for the lack of evidence 5 different times the girls story changed every time she was questioned in the mean time I’m going threw a custody battle for my 2oldest kids and my ex wife’s step mom was a county sherif in the same county so here comes the paper work back to the prosecutor for the 6th time gusse what the evidence steal hasn’t changed but know there is a worent at this time I already retaind my attorney and he had me go stay with a friend that know wone new I had until the next morning so the cops couldn’t pick me up befor court other wise I would have been stuck in jail the intire court case I fought the charges all the way to jury trial I turned down every offer they made that involved jail time finally just befor trial they made me a offer to plead no contest to aggravated indecent exposure with no jail time I had to think long and hard my attorney said I had a 85% chance of winning the case but I still wasn’t satisfied with them odds the fact that the 15% chance of loosing and going to prison for 15yrs for a crime I did not comit so I to took there plea deal and lost my career and the hamillyation of being a reggesterd sex offender and my exs step mom still try’s to get me vialated on my probation for being around my kids cousins which are her other grand kids.