Reply To: Sex Offender Laws are Un-American

James Townsend

Now that the election is over and we have a new direction its time now to open your eyes about this sex offender registry. Do I believe in the sex registry I sure do but truth is stranger than fiction. I hope the USA doesn’t have the Archie mentality that this Nation can come together again. Some guy is talking about genocide and wanting to use that as some type of defense. Others on here talk about how wrong it all is and unfair. As far as myself I use biblical right. While the USA may use Civil right and the constutution they themselves are breaking the constitution and things that America stands for.
Who says a person can take away another person’s rights? Who says they can discriminate others for whatever they wish? Who says justice should be blind to their own God? Are you all slaves or bondservants to the USA? Sure their has to be laws but unjust is unjust. While I agree a lot with RSOL and these other advocates one has to say who’s principal is right. Are man’s pricipals right or are advocates principals right? Were only human.