Reply To: Sex Offender Laws are Un-American

James Townsend

JR if you go back and look at the Declaration Of Independance you will see a sentense in it Endowed by the Creator, and yes we are all created equal. Should the point be whats good for me is good for you. JR just listen. We all have a conscience. I’m sure we were all brought up to know right from wrong. None of us are saints. I’m sure you can tell that from this election.
I’m just saying theirs’ a right way and a wrong way. I’m sure if one need any other understanding the bible can help one out with man’s deceptions. We all make mistakes but to be branded for life is going a bit overboard wouldn’t you THINK. As a matter of the bible was one of the first books used in schools when this country got started or should we all least forget. We all make mistakes
Well JR I would rather be 100 times wrong than be right on anything. Maybe we should all just toss our bibles away before reading it and understanding.