Reply To: Sex Offender Laws are Un-American

James Townsend

Ok I didn’t want to do this but it seems everyone’s in a panic on here and doesn’t know which way to go. Now all of you on here think that you are being punished, well believe it or not you are. and I wonder why. Did you kill anybody, play doctor and get caught physically with your pants down, have sex with a teenage girl and the girl didn’t feel right or wanted to get back at you for some reason, or did one abuse someone, or maybe just maybe someone just got on an internet and had a potty mouth to some person on the other end and they use their craftiness to get you to come down to their level there four breaking your will and your choice’ or are we all carnal by nature?

All these laws that take away your liberty and your pursuit of happiness seem to be going down the tubes because you are are letting them. Is man killing man or are you letting man kill you by keeping you stigmatized and frightened of yoru own shaddow? I would say there is no second chances after one has did his prison time or probation to get a clean slate. Once a sex offender always a sex offender, right…… wrong.

Now use some common sense on here. I will be going back to court myself because I got on face book. Oops, that must be a no, no. Well lets see if its a no, no. Lets see if this State Fair banning sex offenders is a no, no. Lets see if this sex registry is a no, no. to a greater or lesser degree.
Do you all remember several months ago when someone commented to me about using the bible and christian belief’s. I’m sure you do. How many on here think that “Ministers of God” should deceive. Now there is no true or false answers in this. How many think they are breaking the Ten Commandments? How many believe they are taking your right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness away? If you get the answer right than your on your way to court and fight
Yes we all have choices and free will, if we didn’t than we would be like a puppet on a string and just let everyone push us around, government included. I can’t force you to do anything but remember if someone didn’t use force on you than why are you in this situation in the first place?