Reply To: FBI commits crime to entrap American citizens; Operates half of child porn websites

A new low for our country

This whole thing reeks of a sewer level of thinking since it involved people, real people who could not make any choice here about their participation…..children. The FBI used children to their bidding. This is not like an adult, who has a choice, posing as a teen, a prostitute, a drug dealer or gun dealer, but this was using children in non-contact ways to entrap people. Condoning those who are on the dark web for this purpose and were entrapped should not happen, but the method of using those children, that the powers that be are sworn to defend and protect, without their consent, or their responsible adult’s consent, no less is criminal and reprehensible.

This is up there in reprehensibility of ISIS who uses children to snare enemy forces who are thinking the children are innocent. There is a history of children being used in such methods, but this is a new low for the FBI, Dept of Justice and this President.

This isn’t guns or drugs, but children who are being taught by adults what is right and wrong in life. Congress needs to look into this extremely quickly in the next few days/weeks to get it in the public’s eyes.