Reply To: FBI commits crime to entrap American citizens; Operates half of child porn websites

James Townsend

You know I liked that robot in “Lost in Space” Danger, Danger, Danger. While I I was caught up in a State level sting operation of sorts going FBI is a big step in setting up all this stuff. I think that’s something the new president needs to look into.

Preventing is what they should be more interested in but if theirs money involved some couldn’t care about justice even if someone is trying to pull one over on the other. Don’t we all have a responsibility to help others. If one gets burn once one doesn’t want to get burned twice.. We’re not talking small parking tickets. We’re talking about someone taking authority over another just because they used a potty mouth or were addicted to porn in some ways mean’s and fashion.

Now I believe in justice but there has to be a balance. Even after I get over my little ordeal of this polygraph test, which I pasted the one last time, I would think that just is doing a lot of others wrong. RSOL keep up the good work.