Reply To: FBI commits crime to entrap American citizens; Operates half of child porn websites


The tech industry is just as complicit as the government when it come to the production of such schemes and failures. State actors such as Isarel and et. al , all seek to exploit and profit from the very same venue utilizing extraction and mining tools to indentify alleged participants. The porn industry is let loose and unfettered in other countries and they have no interest or concern in profiting from the very same problem. People try to profoundly attach human trafficking to porn which is loosely based. The basic problem is countries don’t enforce policies when it comes to child porn, unless internationally or embarrassingly pressured to do so. porn is a unspoken staple to sexuality in many countries. Children should be no part of the inclusion. But to punish someone based on ensnaring entrapment and overboard authoritive techniques is not the role or scope of agency imposition on he general public. You have individual unsupervised discretion spewing from agents and other directorates within the department of justice. This needs to be tightly and severely regulated as to quell and nearly eliminate open abuse. As ideally suggested, an oversight prevention committee comprised of ordinary concerned citizens should be part of the warrant issuance process, cultivating “true transparency “. We have gone too far with bureaucratic bullying and the ignorant insistence that these progressive pursuits are supremely justifiable or naturally necessary. The government tends to groom its problematic policies around its citizens to stay relevant and advancing in the political scheme of things.