Reply To: Justice in the balance as Trump faces Supreme Court picks

James Townsend

Ah Derek.. I believe I have an e-mail from you about two years ago and yes I to want you to be so wrong. Aside from that I even sent a “prediction” which I don’t usually do to my bank and retrieved it. While I hate to predict things, we all have to be patient as this new president just may surprise everybody in the best way.

While I would suggest all advocates for this cause support our new incoming president, isn’t that what its all about people helping people. While their are ups and down’s in everything there is still being honest.

Remember the sex offender is not a murderer. or does one have to say, who do one offend.? Now I don’t know if that sounds right or wrong but I hope someone is right or should we all play follow the yellow brick road and at my age I’ll be the scare crow anytime.