Reply To: Michigan’s emergency request for stay denied by Supreme Court

James Townsend

You know the more I think about RSOL the more I think that its in a good position. Now you all are talking about the Supreme Court and others are talking about each state doing their thing in these laws.

If you all look at this its mind over matter. My simple involvement into this internet sex sting ordeal seems basic and simple as compared to some things you all are up against. Is any of this fair for a lot on the registry. No its not….

Now I’m going back to court, if and when I get my papers to do so as explained by my PO. Sure I got 10 yrs. probation…… but what after that?

Can I say my life is over, can I say the two jobs I had plus a good bank account was dried up. While I can say yes to three of those my life is not over and yes we all will fight and stand up to this as rwvnal and the others on RSOL want to do to make a difference for their loved ones also.

You all may not like it but political knowledge and government is good but biblical knowledge is a whole lot better. I don’t like to go to court myself but if I was caught drunk driving or some other endangering action than it was my own fault.

One can’t assume or predict the future of another person and that would be like a double standard effect.