Reply To: Michigan’s emergency request for stay denied by Supreme Court

John W

Hey Larry, I hate to tell you this but your question is almost impossible to answer. Every state, county, municipality, city, town, village and even neighborhood co-operatives have their own set of rules and regulations.

For example, I live in a county that has 23 towns and cities. When I report every 90 days, it is only because Federal Law mandates it. But it forces me to adhere to State Statutes which are enforced by the CLEO who happens to be the county police. The city I live in has their own set of ordinances. I also live 25 miles from where I work, which is in a different county from where I live. I drive through 3 cities in the county that I live and 6 other municipalities in the county that I work. Each one has their own set of rules and regulations concerning RSO’s. I have to keep in mind that NO regulation supersedes any other law, therefore I am compelled to adhere to every one of the laws in accordance to where I am at the moment. (Definitely a system that dooms RSO’s to fail)

You have the added responsibility of having to answer to a PO. Most of us have been there and as we all know, when they say “jump”, you’re not to ask, “how high?”. You just need to start jumping. They may be wrong in what they tell you, but it’s better to appeal it from your house than it would be from behind bars.

Sounds like you need an attorney. Good luck! I never found one in 20 years that would advise me on the “Dos and Don’ts” for RSO’s. They just tell me to ask the police. Yeah! Right! Like I’m going to ask a cop if I’m breaking the law. I’m in this mess now because I asked a cop a question 35 years ago!!!