Reply To: Michigan’s emergency request for stay denied by Supreme Court


I am new to this and am looking for some info.

I pled no contest to a charge in 1985 when I was 17 after three years it was removed from my record. Thirty later I was convicted of embezzling now I’m required to register.

My understanding is a lower court has ruled that I shouldn’t be punished 32 yrs after the fact. And from this article it sounds like they are suggesting not to charge people until a higher court rules.

I’m on parole and not allowed to stay in our house because the property is just on the edge of 1000ft. So now my wife and I are forced to sell our house but we’re not sure if there is a possibility that a court my rule that I don’t have to follow these restrictions.

Is there a chance that I won’t have to follow the resident restrictions? Is there a idea of a timeline?