Reply To: “Anti-pedophile activism” — a euphemism for criminality?

Roger Chapell

Kind of a Reader’s Digest take on these vigilante groups. The author’s characterization of these vigilantee types as “…concerned citizens who may have the best interests of innocent children at heart…” and are “often misinformed about the laws and legal ramifications of their actions…” is far too generous. They are more apt to be people looking for a justified target for their seething rage than concerned for “the best interests of innocent children.” Their vigilantee actions are not precipitated by misinformation which in any case would not pardon their actions. Vigilantees usually scorn the facts. Their targets are simply objects to expend a primal rage the true source of which is unknown to themselves. Reckoning that abuse of sex offenders will receive little public disapproval, they opportunistically choose sex offenders as people they can victimize with impunity. Vigilantees against sex offenders are no different than those who victimize gays, Jews, or other minorities whom they view as the symbolic cause of their own dissatisfaction.