Reply To: “Anti-pedophile activism” — a euphemism for criminality?


I couldn’t even get passed the article’s title and I had to comment here. I certainly hope that someone will educate the public as to what the term “pedophile” means.
The “kids” used to set people up on “To Catch A Preditor” are usually pretending to be 14/15 yr olds. That age group DOES NOT qualify a person as a pedophile. But the general public like to throw the word pedophile around because it makes their mission sound good and heroic.
If anyone is a pedophile, it’s the late Elvis Presley.
I really wish SOMEONE would interview Pricilla, while she’s still living, and ask her to speak on this issue plaguing our country today since SHE WAS a MINOR when her and Elvis started their romance.
Anyone else her young age today is considered a “victim”. Why isn’t SHE considered a victim and Elvis’s name tarnished and taken OUT of the R&R Hall of Fame? Since this country likes to retroactivate those whose offenses happened long before Megan’s Law. It seems there is no statute of limitations on forcing a person to register and have their life ruined LONG LONG LONG after the fact.

Thank you.