Reply To: “Anti-pedophile activism” — a euphemism for criminality?

James Townsend

OK I have to chuckle at this article. They wanted me to come to a house in my ordeal so I said something how about in the park. Well anyway it is what it is. These cops and who or if they use other people in these things, they cannot endanger a kid so in reality it wasn’t a kid enticing.
They make it so tough depending what items you have on you which is considered evidence of one’s intent, that and they potty mouth story and whether you back out or not they will come and get you.
They are pulling the wool over everybody’s eye in this and its a money thing. I was so intimidated and undress in all this that a plea bargain was about all I could do at the time. They are still doing these things and it is so wrong.
They will not give warning and are slim balls and no better than you and me. Must be a nice job to set behind a desk and set a target up.