Reply To: “Anti-pedophile activism” — a euphemism for criminality?

NH Registrant

No one cares if any of us get maimed or killed. Only our family members would – if they love us and still think of us as family. It was said best in the Kevin Bacon movie “The Woodsman” when he got a visit from a police detective: “I could say you jumped me. You’d just be another dead piece of ****. Who would miss you?” That is the way the general public thinks of Registrants. I don’t use the term “Sex Offender” because that term implies that it is an ongoing thing. And those of us that actually look at FACTS know that less than 5% of ALL Registrants actually commit another sex crime.

The myths and mis-information is constantly being fed into peoples’ minds by the media and ambitious, lying politicians. We live the rest of our lives with a target on our back. Like we are carrying a time bomb that could go off at any time, or never, and take out anyone who is near us (family, friends, etc,). Sure, this all sounds pretty dramatic to anyone who isn’t a Registrant. But, it doesn’t change the truth.

So, what do we do? We carry on and try to stay out of any trouble as much as humanly possible. We avoid children and avoid our protective, compassionate, nature if a child is in distress near us. We do this out of fear. When we let our guards down, we pay a heavy price. A man in my state was playing with his kids at a playground. He was rough-housing and tickling them. A nearby kid wanted in on the fun. So, not thinking of it, he ticked the newcomer. The child’s mother panicked and called the police. She didn’t even say anything or even ask questions! He was plastered across the evening news for several days and was eventually found innocent of any wrong doing. Even so, his life was forever marked by it – both psychologically and socially. His children had to see the father they loved grabbed and taken away from them. Imagine what that did to THEM!!

You see, none of that story matters to most people. They would rather use the bulldozer of law on the haystack of crime to find one tiny offending needle.