Reply To: Veteran fought for their rights, loses his


I can attest and affirm the same despairity on a similar scale which seems to affect many veterans around the world. I had to endure harassment, threats and intimidation while in the military. People you would consider decent folks are not so decent when it comes to civility. Some would resort to passing out leaflets in military housing and have the audacity to insist its their right to approach your residence to insert the very same leaflet in your screen door for your teenage children to retrieve as they come home from school. Of course this was military housing and at the time I was a level 2 living 50ft. from a park and adjacent to a junior high school 500ft away. I’ll make you aware at the time I was far off probation and lived a decent respectable life as Service Member de facto post conviction and was actually allowed to stay and serve, promote and carry a weapon legally as a felon within he scope of employment domestically and abroad after incarceration. I didn’t once thumb my nose on being given a second chance, but what is absolutely astounding is the fact that I have served plenty of years pass the point of conviction (nearly a decade) and once sex offender “affliction” reached “rape culture” status in the military, congresspersons and advocacy groups sought to exploit and make this dilllema their main plight and message to embolden strengthen their campaigns. Never mind that I am a sexual assault survivor myself while in the military and by also early on by a military relative, but the core principle of this campaigning was propagated by the personal pain one has suffered at the expense of unintentionally damaging justice, cohesion and morale in the military. I was allowed to reenlist, deploy several times and eventually promote to mid-level supervisor often in charge of at least 40 to over hundreds of young men and women. I’ll be damned if I would ever let anything happen to them within my authority to prevent. Past all the bs and often times being “found out” of being a supposed sex offender I garnered and earned the respect of my peers and superiors by no easy terms. I eventually became eligible for retirement and was subsequently approve yet to have that rescinded once a service-wide mandate came to send me from my overseas assignment to stateside. I actually possessed retirement orders and it was sneakily rescinded by upper staff (pentagon worthy pencil necks) and political operatives. The most egregious part was that I had a young above average-sized family to support and the good ole Uncle Sam chose to kick me to the curb with $0 dollars and 0cents, now wait a minute! I’ve continued to serve post conviction and risk my life in major conflict zones all the way up to nearly 20years and the only thing that saved me from a life of poverty was the speedy approval of full permanent disability from the veterans administration. But I, as a decent person did not bother to stop there. Ever since discharge I’ve been in federal court challenging the nature and unconstitutional actions appropriated against me. I’ve won in he preliminary and awaiting final abritary proceedings before the federal court would fully review my case even though it is still retained in its jurisdiction and dockets. A very interesting case indeed, but severely sad by unethical proportions. My friend from az if you have the ability to move and seek interstate compact PLEASE do so! Because your freedom and sense of peace is very worth it. Another state may come to a different conclusion of ending your gestapo-like life style by discharging your seemingly lifetime sentence. Please do your homework. Thank you for your service!