Reply To: Restore sex offenders? No, policy makers prefer them dangerous



Because that’s the state of Connecticut for you. When a District Attorney here sees a chance to get a conviction, that’s what they’ll do.

What’s truly troubling me here is all this nonsensical jargon about “rehabilitation”. Rehabilitated from what, exactly? From being a typical teenager whose hormones are throbbing and getting a hold of alcohol like most of us did back in the day? So….he’s supposed to be rehabilitated from being a 16 yr old…..several years later?

I get why we use the term “rehabilitated” even in cases that should never have been cases to begin with… for the POLITICAL CORRECTNESS of how it sounds and to use it as bait to win the sympathy of the public. The public should be told flat out – DO YOU ALL REMEMBER WHEN YOU WERE TEENAGERS? And that’s that.
And unless these grown men and women who are in fear were all raised in caves with parents that never let them out of their sights, then you’ll see a LOT of hands go up when you ask “How many of YOU got hold of alcohol and wanted to have sex with your high school sweethearts when you were teens?”

Hypocrisy in this country is at an astonishing level of HIGH. I’m sick of it. And I’m sick of the people writing these articles in a fashion that’s aimed to be pleasing to the reader. How about a more realistic approach like John Stossel saying “Gimme A Break”!!