Reply To: Feature Blog: A leper colony for one

John C

Addendum: I also had to get permission first to even move where I am now. Was this not the case with the guy in the tent? I have a letter in my files now stating that I was given permission to move where I am now. The procedure I used was to first go to the DCS website and plot the daycares from a potential address I had. Then I went to Google maps and did a “guesstimate”. If the property was well over 1000 feet I knew I had a chance, and would call the sheriff’s office and get them to verify. If it was under 900 I didn’t even bother. No real estate agent will go through this, so you have to do it on your own. The fact that most SO’s are denied use of the computer makes it even more of a nightmare. They don’t care though. They would be happy if they could send us to an island and isolate us from society.