Reply To: Feature Blog: A leper colony for one

John C

I am sympathetic to his plight, but to be fair, the rules are stated. It took me two months to buy a home because I had to check the DCS website to locate any possible daycares (and the real problem is, in TN there are many private daycares run out of homes, and they count too) just to find a property I could buy that satisfied the 1000 foot rule. I missed a steal of a home by 45 feet. You have to remember, these laws are made up with emotion, not logic. I can picture a group of people sitting around raising their hands going “I have an idea” and then saying something really stupid and the rest getting giddy and going “good one”. Facts are not something they care to look at or even consider. 94% of sex offenders know their victim. If you have transportation, the 1000 foot rule is worthless. The other day we had a guy trying to pick up a kid in his car, A lot of good that rule did. It is really for the homeless and indigent. The only sensible part of the law here is the “grandfather” clause, where if a daycare opens next to you, they cant throw you out because you were there first. I live in TN.