Reply To: Feature Blog: A leper colony for one

James Townsend

Fred, I think we need to talk about ethnics and police control on all this sex registry stuff. You know if one is caught in an internet sex sting… they are the one’s presenting the opportunity. I live right across from kids and there are kids living in back of me. I pay no attention to them.

You know its almost like don’t touch. don’t look at kids. and don’t be around kids. I told my probation officer that I will be around kids all my life. If I can’t conduct myself I sure don’t want anyone controlling my conduct. I ‘myself just like a lot of others on here made a mistake…. I was weak, and curious at the same time as no kid wants you to come to a house….. its all a ruse to control you as a person.

This is all I’m going to say… do you think we were all born perfect. Do you think we don’t talk to people or look at porn of some type.. look at TV and you will see suggestive trash on there that you want to change the channels. This society is out for money as they are greedy They say the protect and serve but in this case it the God of money they serve. People should live were ever they want.

This is not man’s earth or is it? I might live in a commonwealth state but I’m hoping to get my chance to go back to court. Basically I think everyone on here is in fear of being controlled by those corrupt police. One does there probation that should be it.