Reply To: Breaking: Fourth Circuit holds NC premises statute unconstitutional


My comment above “ripe to rule on” I wanted to clarify this a little more:

These 4th. & 6th. cir. decisions act as a precedent and sets the limitation of governments power to Lower Courts (Judicial Branch of Government), Executive & Legislative Branches of Government; hence Local, State and Federal officials.

This makes them a ripe foundation for use by all Law Makers, Lower Courts (Judges), licensed legal professionals & pro per se/persona litigants as a “precedent citation” within that circuits jurisdiction.

Sometimes like in Doe -v- Connecticut, precedents are often burrowed and permissibly accepted by the sister circuits if the issues are identical or too similar to ignore, however if a quantum of the Appeals Circuits come to a disagreement in the future then the United States Supreme Court will most likely rule on the disagreement of the last similar cases because it is “ripe to rule on.”