Reply To: Breaking: Fourth Circuit holds NC premises statute unconstitutional

James Townsend

This is good news and I do like the part about “intent”. That is the very thing they wanted to charge me for but since do one knows another person’s intent in this type of situation, the police investigator said to me…. your intent was to have sex with a teenage gal……so since they couldn’t come up with the intent they sort of changed it to attempt…… they are slick willly types…
anyway I phoned my PO today to find out the status about this face book thing and their refusal to give me the polygraph test. Was told that my PO would see me Friday to do his monthly check and talk about it. I still want to go to court if possible to get this over with plus I also think early release from probation is an option for one to shoot for along with….. along with deceiving and tricky and all that.
Common sense… no teenage gal is gone to say to you come to my house my parents aren’t home… they don’t say that right off the bat. Even adult women don’t even say that right off the bat.
So I think everybody needs to help their brother out that’s involved in this ordeal. Write a letter to Trump as this is since less and as it is now the sex offender can’t get a job because of the record which is a form of discrimination. Shoot they will let transvestite’s have jobs before us. Its a wacky world but its based on greed and money.